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Frequently Asked Questions

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We invite and encourage you to call us anytime with questions, comments or suggestions about Aggie Dining. Your feedback is always welcome as it can only help us to serve you better.

Contact us at (336) 334-7560 or use the comment form on the contact page.

Who is required to purchase a meal plan?

All students residing in University housing including Aggie Suites and Pride Hall are required to have a meal plan. All students living off campus also have the option of purchasing one of our resident or commuter meal plans as well.

What are the meal plans and how much are they?

See all options for the current academic year on the meal plans page.

Can my meal plan be changed?

The last day to change a meal plan online is the first day of classes. Any student requesting to change a meal plan after the first day of classes must submit a written request or email to Campus Enterprises, located in Room 141 or email

How do I gain access to retail locations and Williams Dining Hall?

All students are issued an Aggie One-Card and may use their meal plan or Dining Dollars on their card to gain admittance to the Williams Dining Hall, as well as the retail locations. Cash and credit/debit cards are also accepted without an Aggie One-Card at every location. 

How can I select a meal plan?

Students can sign up for their meal plan during housing selection or by visiting the Campus Enterprises office. Please do not send payment with your contract. Students will be billed through the Treasurer’s office. Students residing in University housing who have not selected a meal plan will be automatically assigned and billed for Meal Plan A. You can select your meal plan online, as well. When you've chosen the meal plan that's best suited for you, click here to make your selection online (If link is not active, please check this site at a later date).

I did not use all my meals this week. Do they carry over to the next week?

Unused meals do not carry over to the following week, but our wide selection of meal plans allows you to choose the perfect meal plan to fit your lifestyle to ensure you're getting the most out of your plan.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are a declining balance account kept on your Aggie One-Card, and allow you to make purchases at any NC A&T dining retail location. Dining Dollars may be purchased at any time in increments of $100 by visiting the Aggie One-Card office or by calling (336) 334-7114. You do not need to have a meal plan in order to buy Dining Dollars.

Can I add additional Dining Dollars to my account?

Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased at any time in increments of $100 by visiting the Aggie One-Card office or by calling (336) 334-7114. You do not need to have a meal plan in order to buy Dining Dollars.

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars are complimentary dollars that come as an added bonus with certain meal plans. See the meal plans page for more information. This allows you to enjoy a variety of foods from the dining retail locations.

What if I do not use all my Flex Dollars during the semester?

Unused Flex Dollars do not carry over to the next semester.

What happens to my unused Dining Dollars at the end of the semester?

All unused Dining Dollars at the end of the fall semester roll over to the spring semester. All unused Dining Dollars at the end of the spring semester are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the next term.

Once I have started using my Dining Dollars and/or Flex Dollars, how do I keep track of how much I have left?

After each purchase, your balance is printed at the bottom of your receipt. 

Can I bring a guest into Williams Dining Hall?

Meal plans are for the use of the contract participants only and are not transferable. 5 guest passes come with the purchase of meal plan U. Cash, credit/debit cards and Flex Dollars may also be used for a guest.

If I decide to live off campus, what options are available to me?

We have many meal plan options for off campus residents which can be seen on the meal plans page. As a commuter student, you are eligible to purchase any student meal plan listed with the exception of meal plan G. 

What do I do if I want to cancel my meal plan?

If you withdraw from the University or move off campus, you will need to submit a letter to the Appeal Committee. Your letter should include the reason for cancelling, accompanied with any supporting documentation. You must provide documentation from the University Registrar's Office or Housing. You can submit your request by:

in person: Williams Dining Hall, Room 141 

How do I get information about dining in inclement weather?

Please call Aggie Dining's main office at (336) 334-7560 or check the homepage of

What if I have a suggestion for dining services?

We welcome your suggestions. Comment cards are available in each location. You can also join the Food Services Advisory Board through the Campus Enterprises office, submit a form on the feedback page or post on the Aggie Dining Facebook fan page.

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